How is google tracking me through VPN's?

Here’s the problem…

I need to make multiple gmail accounts using my virtual private network account but im having a problem.

I signed up for a virtual private network account and then created a new server with a clean IP. and logged in via my remote desktop.

Once I had access to my new server…I then created a gmail account using the new server. Everything went fine.

No security issues from google. Everything went smooth.


THEN I created a second server with my VPN and then they asked me for my phone number to verify my account. hu?

How could this be?

Obviously google was able to detect I was the same person but how?

I then preformed a test and tried accessing a new server I created from another computer. I created a gmail account. Everything went fine and google did not ask for any verification phone number.

And using this computer I tried again with a new server and once again they asked.

I dont get it. Im connecting through a VPN…

Im not doing ANYTHING else on these servers BUT creating a gmail account.

The IPS are clean (they are no blacklisted).

HOW are they making the connection and how can I get around it???

I don’t want to be mean but…

I’m kind of reluctant of helping you on this one as the problem you’re describing tells me that you are, possibly, a spammer. I can’t think of any other reaons why you would want to create multiple gmail accounts using a VPN.

If you’re creating these accounts to use some Google services which are only allowed for one and only one account, then you’d be breaking the Terms of Service which I don’t think is a good idea.

Now, maybe you have a perfect explanation and I’m just a bit obsessed with spammers due to the amount of them we have to get rid of on a daily basis… If so, then I apologise and I’m sure that you’ll prove me wrong :slight_smile:

Same browser?

Google tracker works easily and smoothly and if anyone try to make multiple accounts for a business purpose by using VPN. It reacted and creates duplication or gives unusual activities error for a particular address.

I too believe the intentions in this case are not good, glad google is working good. :slight_smile: However I may be completely wrong

You don’t need a VPN to make multiple gmail accounts. You can easily get new emails using also.

There are only two ways to track you. Your IP. And with cookies.