How is everyone december adsense earnnings so far?

how is everyone december earnnings so far?

comparing to the last 3 months it’s better but if i’m to compare it to last december it’s worse, alot worse

lets wait till end of the month, it’s hard to say only half way of the month

Surely the answer will depend on how seasonal the site is.

I run several sites. One of them has a peak in the summer. The AdSense earnings for June and July are higher than those for the whole of the rest of the year. In December, the earnings are near zero. But another of my sites has a peak in early December, in the weeks leading to Christmas. So my December earnings are usually 50% higher than those for any other month.

What I’m trying to say is that there is nothing to be gained by comparing your earnings in a given month with anyone else’s. Every site is different. Every site has its own trends and its own seasonal - or weekly or daily - ups and downs. What’s important is the trend in your own site.