How is a ww1 address spoofing my real domain?

After just loading a new site on a domain which I’ve held for years, I checked Google cache.
By searching ‘mysitedotcom

And find that ‘mysitedotcom’ comes up cached BUT by someone else!
Looking at the cache page itself it starts off:

‘This is Google’s cache of [noparse]http://mysitedotcom/[/noparse].’ ( in grey portion)

…When I look closer, the cached page actually appears to be ww1dotmysitedotcom
With the source code revealing right under the DOCTYPE:

 <base href="http://ww1dotmysitedotcom/">

Then continuing on in the head section:

    <base href="http://ww1dotmysitedotcom/" />

Even though the site has put up blatantly on the body of this page “mysitedotcom” as if it were its own. Obviously not owning the domain.

How can I get rid of this bogus attempt (placeholder page)? What is “ww1?”

Now when searching Google with the added characters “wwwdotmysitedotcom” what comes up #1 is a hyperlinked title from that site which is “wwwdotmysitedotcom” - and clicking on it, it directs to my site.

Wayback Machine reveals nothing at all for my real domain.

Alright you can stop with the panic mode no one as taken your site. Changing the subdomain (www and ww1) would not do anything. Have you owned this domain from the very beginning of time? Did it have a previous owner?

Panic mode? Taken my site? As I said I own the domain.

I’ve had the .com for a couple years.

Are you thinking Google cached this from back then, even though it is dating the cache:

It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on May 21, 2012

With the address of the cache: