How in google search to set parameter “Search for last year” as default?

Using google search in my Chrome 94 ( kubuntu 20.04 ) I wonder if there is a way
to set parameter “Search for last year” as default when I open google search page?

Yup, there is a way. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Chrome Settings >> Search Engine tab.
  2. Here you can add your custom search engine.
  3. Tap on the Add button.
  4. There will be three fields: Search Engine, Keyword and Query URL.
  5. Enter Google in the search engine.
  6. Enter any keyword you like and in the Query URL, enter: (This url is for getting the search results from past year).
  7. Then tap on the Three Dots and set it as default. Done.

If you don’t want to set it as default and quickly want to use this custom search engine for getting the results from past year, then follow it:
Enter the Keyword (you entered when adding this custom search engine) in the search bar and tap “Tab” button. It will select that custom search engine. Then you can enter your query.

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I try to follow your steps, but failed, seems I can not remove current defaulr chome searech engine :
How can I salve it ?

Please check your entered URL in the field URL query. I also added this custom search engine again and copied the url from my previous post and when i pasted it, it added 25 automatically between % and s that made it incorrect. Here is the screenshot: Untitled
See if it’s correct. If yes, then can you please the screenshot again of the edit window.
And sorry for my bad editing :yum:

Try the following searches:

  1. “petrogromovo" before:2019

  2. “petrogromovo" before:2020

  3. “petrogromovo" before:2021


before:yy-mm-dd and after:yy-my-dd can also be used to narrow the search to a specific time period

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