How important is C and C++ in PhP?


I have basic knowledge in C and c++ but i am not expert in this language. But as i have started learning PHP i am getting problem learning Javascript in PHP classroom as they have lot’s of these programming concept in javascript. And it’s getting hard for me. So should i need to learn these language first before going forward to PHP ? Or should i need to continued ?

C and C++ are programming languages while Php and Javascript are scripting (server side and client side respectively).

The only thing they got in common is the syntax but most is quite different at particular issues . Learning C will be helpfull moving to C++ or vice versa as i did and encountered no problem contrary to what others may think .

Knowing C/C++ will be really helpfull learning Javascript at some parts while the rest should be just practice and practice .However they are not related since their purpose it totally different .
If you are interested in web development and design what you should do first is to be sure you know html and css quite well . Then learn javascript and finally move to php .This way you would make a smooth transition to every topic leaving no gaps.
Else if you aim at software development stick with c++ or any other programming language .

Although you said you are taking a classroom. If so (obligatory class) just finish that and do not occupy yourself with something else, if you do not have the time to practise because the only way to really understand what are you learning and do it alone yourself is by practising , otherwise you will just end confused .

:wink: Good luck

As has been said before in numerous threads in the past; learn how to program, and any language is just a bunch of syntax rules. 99% theory, 1% syntax.

What I mean when I say that is; if you are given a problem, and can break it down into the steps your code must take, then programming it is just a simple matter of determining the right commands to do so.

I agree fully with StarLion, you should learn how to “program” first and the learn the differences in your choice language(s) and how to achieve your goals in which ever language you are currently busy working with. This gives you the fundamentals in your head behind what you’re actually trying to do.

I take offense at the proposal that PHP and Javascript aren’t programming languages and, by inference, somehow lesser languages that take minimal skill to use. They are interpreted languages - C and C++ are compiled languages.

Besides, we all know that real programmers stick to x86 assembly. :wink:

Well i didnt mean to offense anyone , but as far as i know php and javascript along with other fall in that specific category , scripting programming . And of course under no circumstances did i mean that, are languages of “minimal skills to use” . The main point which i hope i made understood is that they cannot be compared since they are designed for different purposes. <interpreted /compiled> yes these are the terms i meant .

x86 assembly … again … do not forget … everything has a reason to exist and a specific purpose to accomplish … at the end … its just a tool .

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