How I spent my vacation (or holiday)

If I were to post a picture of how I spent my vacation, it would only show a picture of my poor computer, but I would love to see how other members spent theirs! If you have recently returned from a holiday and have photos to share, please take advantage of this thread.

But, we need to have a few simple rules:

  1. For any photo you post in this thread, make sure you add a description of the photo. Tell us about the photo and (if you like) give us some info about your camera and photo-taking technique.

  2. If you have a gallery of vacation photos (e.g. at Facebook or on a site like Flicker), add a link to it rather than post them all here.

I am so much busy in my business that I have no spare time for vacations and I am so much sad at this. First you suggest me how to skip these business activities and find a way to some good place for vacations.

OK, this may not count (as is was a few months back) but it’s not holiday season where I live! My family spent some time in Lorne, a town along the beautiful Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. We met these gorgeous kookaburras, who were so tame that they were happy for us to pat them. If you are not familiar with these birds, they are are renowned for their raucous laughing.

I have always wondered what they looked like. When I was a little girl in brownie scouts we learned the kookaburra song.

<snip> Oops I didn’t check for copyright. Find the words on Wikipedia.

Heh heh, I’m surprised you learned that in the U.S!

Off Topic:

Mind you, by quoting the words here you’ve potentially just brought a huge lawsuit against yourself. :smiley: One our most famous rock bands (Men at Work) got sued last year for allegedly using a short, ten-note riff from that tune in their most famous track. :frowning:

Oh WOW! I edited the post. Silly me. I learned it so long ago that I didn’t think it could still be copyright, but it apparently is.

Sorry, I was just being cheeky. I didn’t mean to scare you, but you never know, I guess! The company that now owns the song seems pretty … well, I’d better stop. :slight_smile:

I read an article about that company after I saw your post and I get your drift. They do seem pretty… well, not so pretty.

I may have some pictures after the current holiday season, we’ll see.

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I too learned that song when I was younger and did not think they would take their copyright issues to such an extreme… interesting to learn but always a good thing to know haha

Last June we went to one of the tourist spot here in the Philippines…if you are nature lover you will love this place…its Coron Palawan Philippines

@anna2112 : Lovely pictures. It looks like a very relaxing place to visit!

Wow lovely holidays! I wan’t to go there. OMG, I love it.

Yeah,its a paradise !!! actually theres a lot of virgin beaches here in Philippines. if you need help just pm me…ill be gladly to help you…

Yes, definitely you can relax in the beaches here. if you will be travelling here in the Philippines. Ill be helping you. just pm me…

Ill share another photos…this place is near in my parents hometown.

@anna2112 I’m happy to see you post again. Lovely pictures like before. I hope your family is safe and out of the flood area.

oh,you heard the flash flood. Its really sad news, that is in Mindanao area. I am far from there. Im living in Metro Manila.

Which of those 2 ? the first one is Coron Palawan and the second one is Aklan, its near in the popular beach which is Boracay.

Our anniversary - A dinner cruise on Bateaux, NY.
D200 with 20mm-self timer and table top tripod.

@anna2112 what a nice pics, truly a tropical paradise…
Is that you in pic 38? :smiley: