How I Feel by the End of the Week

that web site is bad, and you should feel bad

  • zoidberg

Wow. That’s messier than my desk. lol.

Well, i don’t know what to say. But you really need to clean up your mind.

:lol: I don’t think that Shaun linked to it as an example of what website should be…

@Shaun_OfTheDead; If you really feel like that by the end of the week, I don’t even want to ask if your job is stressing or if you have any problem at all… that’s messy! :lol:

The 80s Atari sound effects were tight son.

I confess, I sort of enjoyed that. Thanks SOTD

looks like a terrible relic of the 90’s

I know, isn’t it great! :weee:


Best thing since Hamster Dance.

That domain is missing two alphabets:

WOW that is a blurry experience, just think how much work went into creating something so chaotic and seemingly unplanned… looks just like pure unfocused creativity busting out :smiley:

The website is not good.Blurred sound and I feel bad for you…

Good grief.

I’m almost disappointed that the HTML doesn’t validate :stuck_out_tongue:

ok my eyes hurt now.

My question is yyyyyy (Why) the website is too messy :stuck_out_tongue:
Well if you are going through bad phase, it will end soon, so cheers and don’t worry.

Well, the site may be bad, but think how much work and skill went into creating it. I don’t think I could do a bad site so well. :smiley:

At the end of the week hope you will fell better.


Tomorrow is another day. Keep everything alive. :slight_smile: