How i do affiliate for my new site?

I want to start affiliate marketing for my web site. I want to know how actually affiliate marketing works and how i start this…

What’s your site niche? How many visitors do you get a day?

There’re lots of affiliates like ppc, pop-up affiliate programs, etc.
specify plz.

I didn’t understand.
Are you looking to start Affiliate Marketing for your product or simply enter into without your own product?

Kindly elaborate more as markov said. If you want to promote YOUR product or a service through affiliates then there are alot questions waiting for you. If its the other way round then simply choose your niche, a most wanted product and start promoting (obvious strings attached).


In case you want to promote your own product through Affiliate Marketing, you can start it by searching for good affiliates that will promote your product. Provide various bonuses and rewards and goodies to the new joiners. Provide various payment option modes through which your affiliates will receive there payments. Make Attractive Banners which your affiliate can use to post on there sites for tracking there income.