How i can submit a form without a submit button?

Hello friends !
Please tell me the coding regarding the submission of the form in PHP without using the submit button.

Just remove the “Submit button”.
I think using the “Enter” key in your keyboard the form will submit.

So what trigger would you use to make the form submit?

I believe return works fine but only for a single input text/string field.
I will try when on the desktop computer.

AFAIK, you need to have a ‘submit’ input field for pressing ‘Enter’ to submit the form. You can, however, hide the submit button using CSS.

Just tried this and it works fine but only with a single input

<?php echo '<pre>$_POST = '; print_r($_POST); echo '</pre>'; $_POST=array(); ?>

<form action='?' method="post">
    <input type='text' name='fred' value='Look Ma, No "SUBMIT"' />


$_POST = Array
[fred] => Look Ma, No “SUBMIT”

Edit: Just remembered radio buttons also work without a submit button