How I can get my webpage reach more people access

I have a showroom door, a webpage and just have a little people access every day, How i can get and reach more people ?

Welcome to the forums, @Tonytran.

To save us making useless suggestions, it would be helpful if you could tell us a little about which methods you’ve already tried, and how successful (or otherwise) they were.

(You might also find it helpful to look around this section of the forums, as we have had other threads discussing how to increase traffic, which might be useful to you.)

You need to do some internet marketing (or online marketing), which includes practices like seo and social media marketing. Seo aims to give you better exposure on organic searches on google or other search engines. Social Media Marketing to drive visitors from social network to your site. This is done by opening accounts/pages on different social network and post quality content on it regularly.

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