How I can get my all keyword in Google 1st page?

I am a professional freelancer. I work in, and I am also doing open business, as well as freelancing. I want all my service keyword in Google 1st page. How I can get my all keyword in Google 1st page? Please help me!

Firstly, there is no simple, quick-fix formula to get you onto Google’s first page. A moment’s thought will tell you this is true; there are only ten places on the first page, so clearly not everybody who tries the same technique(s) could get there.

You need to understand what Google search is about, and how it works. Its only aim is to return the best and most useful results for the person doing the searching. So it examines each page to see how closely it matches the search, and ranks it accordingly. To rank highly, your page needs to be well-written, with unique content, and to match the search term very closely. The higher the competition for your keywords, the more difficult this is. However, writing your content with your target audience in mind (rather than a search engine) is probably your best first step.

As you seem to be new to SEO, I recommend you read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

You might also find this video informative:

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seo, ppc, social media, writing quality content this u will follow means u will get 1st possession in google.

Really? So if 100 people reading this follow your “advice”, how will all 100 of them fit into the ten places on the first page?

Social media and ppc will have no affect on SEO. “Writing quality content” is certainly the key, as mentioned already.


There are lots of factor affects site ranking. No any fix method for rank well. You need to focus on various methods.

Follow the below points to get good rank

  1. Blog commenting
  2. Forum commenting
  3. Social bookmarking
  4. Document submission

None of those things is likely to help, @hostingsafety. Links which you place yourself are regarded at best as worthless by major search engines. Placing links with the intention of manipulating search results (most so-called “link-building”) is against both Google’s and Bing’s guidelines, and may result in your site being penalised.

There are no shortcuts to a high ranking, and no substitute for high-quality, unique content.


It depends on the keywords competition higher the keywords competition it will lot more effort and time to rank, if it is less competitive keywords then it will be ranked in 1-2 months!

how about directory submission is it dead ?


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