How I can format <table> like this, using CSS?


What I want is very clear as you can in the caption of the both images. :slight_smile:

This is how I actually want the output when I execute my HTML file, when I use <table> and <th> tag in the page because I want to show the results beside the form i.e. in the white space.


This is how I’m getting the output when I use <table> and <th> in my HTML page.

What I want?

Even when I use <table> and <th> tag in my HTML page I want output like the first image. How can I achieve this using CSS?


That doesn’t look like tabular data, so i would not use <table>
CSS display: table can put things side by side.

html, body, table { height: 100%; }

That should do. But I’d listen to Sam and don’t use tables for layout.

I would not use tables at all for such a layout. Tables are hard to transform into responsive layouts.
Instead use regular div and style them with CSS accordingly.

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