How I can find {}

Hi There,

I’m working on a WP theme redesign and found there is an element. style {} , when I do inspect element in firefox. I’m trying to hide widget title present on the sidebar widget, but I don’t know how making it disable.

Please let me know how I can disable that widget title? From where I can get css property to make it display none?

I’ve just installed debugger add-on to see JS, but unable to understand how to find out the property. I asked this question to support team previously and they gave me a code #sidebar .main-title.widget-title:nth-child(2) { display:none;} for previous widget title. Now I’ve a new widget area and wanna hide it’s title from there.

Please let me know if you need website URL as I’ll send it to your PMB.

Thank You. {} is something I see when I am inspecting a particular element using the browsers built-in Inspector. Any time I have ever seen {} it indicates the CSS is being called inline. In the case of empty {} then no CSS is being declared.