How I can find a developer job in Europe or America?


I am a full stack developer coding from more than 20 years but I have now several years I can not find any developer jobs . All my application was refused although I have updated knowledge and also recommendations but I always get a refusal email without saying the reasons for refusal . I dont know if this is because of Visa difficulties ? or something wrong in my CV ? I used a template like this one

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What tech tack do you use? you can try updating the tech stack you use for better results

I tried I learned Reactjs, Nodejs from several years in addition to old skills in PHP, CSS, SQL, C#, Delphi, Wordpress

To be honest,

in July 22 you opened this post:

This is nothing I expect a full stack developer for over 10 years to ask…

There are levels of knowledge. For an example a copywriter.

  1. I can english (language)
  2. I can write good copy (code)
  3. I can write copy that sells (applications that works)

What I am trying to say is that languages is sometimes valuable. Writing clean code is sometimes valuable. But in the end the only things that matter is can you be profitable and create applications that changes the world for some people. How does your portfolio looks? Have you som areas of expertise?

Yes I have previous demos for frontend and backend

I dont do much algorithms

…And what can you do for your employer and employers customers?

Create web or windows applications for ERP, POS, CRM, IoT

That is a lot to grasp. Maybe to big to be trustworthy. Why not narrow your expertise to what you really are good at. Try to not use buzz words. Try to explain in plain english so anybody on the street understand. :slight_smile:

I really did solutions like this. The HR that write job description and requirements ask to have skills in many technologies . I think today if I said I am only a PHP guy I will never find a job

Do you have a repo link for your “backend demo”?

Yes I have my own site that list everything , git links, live demos from in addition to 100% positive rates in I used to get many invitations to new projects but from 6 years I can not win any more jobs in So I tried to apply to many foreign companies but none of them hired me.

You completely missed the point. I wanted the link so I could read your code. What is the URL?

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I get a lot of offers to redo my web site. The first thing I do is to review their own web site by using to see how their own web site behaves. The results of this initial test gives me a hint of the level of competence they have.

Have you run this test on your site? Should you hire yourself?

yes about 92 but I also use gtmetrix and pingdom

Good. Next step is to make an elevator pitch. Please fill in the missing words.

We can help (“target”) to help you with (“what”) using (“method or methods”). And you should hire us (“because”)

Can you do this without using buzzword or be too technical. If your elevator pitch looks like this you are in big trouble:

“We can help everybody to do everything by using (lots of buzzwords). And you should hire us because we are good and our customers loves us.”

How should your exiting elevator pitch be?

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Perhaps employers don’t like you resorting to using a template. I suggest you try applying for jobs using a CV with a simple professional layout.

I write: I can create this project “project name” because I made similar one several times also I have all the required skills to build admin dashboard and customers frontend tools.

And I post some demos url

Thanks I tried that and did not get any interviews so I thought to make better looking CV.