How i can create responsive website

Today friends i want to know how i can create responsive website for my upcoming E-commerce Website ?

That’s a very vague question and if you want a sensible answer you will need to let us know your level of ability with html, css, e-commerce sites etc and provide details of what you have in mind and what you have tried. We will need more than a one line intro.

Do you know html/css/css3/js/php/?
Are you building it from scratch?
Are you using a CMS with e-commerce package (if so does it allow customisation)?
What have you tried so far?

i give the suggestion that please refer this site :-

There you go you can do it all in 15 minutes! I seemed to have wasted 15 years learning this stuff :slight_smile:

Most of the clients are interested to making responsive website that now demanded on the market cause the using of flexible layouts and grids along with the intelligent use of CSS media queries and images.If a user browses in iPad ,smartphone then responsive website gets better responds than a general website.

Find a responsive template, or build from scratch. There are good responsive frameworks out there.

As the OP hasn’t returned in over a week I am closing the thread to avoid Fluff posts.