How I can be a professional Graphics Designer?

How I can be a professional Graphics Desinger?
I want to be a professional Graphics designer but can’t get the exact guidelines to be a qualified Graphics Designer.

I doubt you’ll find anywhere that gives “exact” guidelines. The spec for a graphics designer will vary from one job to another.

More important, what skills, training, education in graphic design do you have?

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I suggest you look into the university and college classes in graphic design and see what their courses cover.

Here’s a short course on design fundamentals graphic designers need to understand:

Also, do not mistake a class in learning a graphics software program as learning graphic design. Learning graphic design fundamentals is different from learning a software tool. That said, you CAN learn something of graph design fundamentals through software tutorials, but only when the designer is explaining the principles behind what he’s doing.

Here are some online courses you might examine:

you need to know the tools that you will need to create stunning designs. A good digital camera, Wacom drawing tablet, and a notebook are all essentials. You will also need a favorite pen or pencil and an editing program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. A good portfolio is also important because potential employers will want to see examples of your work.

Affinity Designer has won many awards and works out very much cheaper than Photoshop or Illustrator:

That’s the key and one of the advantages of working in the Graphics industry — ‘a picture speaks a 1000 words’.

You will want a decent portfolio of work demonstrating not only your illustrations skills but design ability. Ideally you will know the software, but I would say raw talent is most important.

The other key requirement I would say is demonstration of working on some real jobs — however small.

You could create a LLC and just throw caution to wind on freelance sites like fivrr, upwork, and design contest websites. There aren’t any regulations that I know of that would prevent you from just starting an online design business. However, that is probably not the recipe to success. So the long answer would be investing in a degree, learn study then seek employment at a place of work where design is the central focus. Although I’ve been programming for over a decade I use the design skills I learned at SCAD nearly every day. My design skills afford me an edge over traditional software engineers that I wouldn’t trade to go back in time and get a computer science degree instead. I think design is much more difficult to learn in isolation because without peer reviews and critiques its impossible to judge success of your communications. Clients are not good judges of graphic design either. So thier isn’t much to be learned by just churning out work on a freelance site except making cash. That will do little to advance your skills without oversight from experts in the field like you would hopefully have as an employee of a company that makes design an important part of their business. Not all design jobs are created equally. Working at an insurance company probably does very little for creative development compared to working at a design agency or inhouse design department of a more creative focused industry.

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