How i can be a full web devloper what i need to know?

i want to be a full webdevloper what i need to know ??

Start with the basics - HTML and CSS.


watch this video and you will understand:


If you are a newbie to all the web issues I would recommend you to start with codeacademy. It’s easy going start.

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Start with HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT after this you should learn any of the server side languages like PHP/Python etc. also some knowledge of SQL is helpful. my site I have made using HTML, CSS, JQUERY, PHP, SQL.Try Bootstrap if you want to do this faster(only web designing part).

How to become a web developer, I got the idea from here :

Hope this article help you

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Training, Practice and More Training!

This article is amazing!

What is a suggested path to learn web development?

Please anyone experienced suggest me .

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I would agree with most advice given in this video. I would argue Angular is more prevalent in the tech space than let on by that video. I would also argue that Java and .NET are much more valuable to learn than cutting edge tech like Golang. Otherwise the paths in that video and advice is very well thought and unbiased.

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