How good is blogcatlog

have anybody in the house use this site before i mean blogcatlog? how to use it?, how many traffic i can get from this site?

I am personally not too impressed with it, but I am not turned off from it either. Honestly, rarely does just having our blog listed get traffic. I spend about 30 minutes every couple of days and I comment on other people’s blog I found through there or on their profiles. I typically see about half of them return the favor but that is about it honestly for us. But I am still a relatively new users there so maybe someone with more experience has some better tips.

A friend of mine suggested this site to me. It is a famous blog catalog directory.

It’s a good blogging community if only you know how to socialize with them all.

blogcatalog is a good blogging community…it gives a not much traffic to me maybe because i rarely visit the site…but you can find lots of good stuffs there

You can meet lot of co-bloggers there. It’s a must place for bloggers.

First of all, you must have to know that blogcatlog is a bloggers social network and it provides directory, profiles and a list of discussions. You can submit your blogs into blogcatlog by selecting the category and entering the necessary details about your blogs.

How it works?

Blogcatlog is a collection of large number of Blogs and thus it has good reputation in Google search and more.

As far as I’ve experienced, I had created a Blog for a friend adder software and submitted it to Google but Google doesn’t index it for two weeks. Then I submitted it to Blogcatlog and saw the difference. When I searched with URL Blogcatlog entry appeared in the Google just after 2 hours and then on the same day my Blog appeared in google. Actually Blogcatlog provide backlink to your Blog, which makes your Blog more SEO friendly and it provides high priority in search engine ranking to your Blog.

Whenever you post anything in your Blog, Blogcatlog create a page for that entry and show the post title, post URL, small description so you get more traffic and good SEO rating. Even I am getting approximately 50 traffic to my Blog from Blogcatlog till now.

“motion teach” thanks for your reply
i will wait and see if other persons will talk about

Blogcatalog is like a blog community where you can communicate and interact with different bloggers. It is also a good source when finding a blogger having a brand same as yours. Most of the time, i do find some link swap requester in this community. You can learn a lot from different bloggers if you participate in this forum.

We can’t compare blogcatalogs with the directories, with the labels which help more on increasing the traffic, but i recommand you to use it because it’s like a stone to a house, it helps to build a better traffic. If you make the one in the catalog feel that you pay attention to their blogs, they will return the favor and want to know more about you and what do you write, about your website. And if they like it, they will recommand it to their friends.

I personally like blog catalog. If you use it regularly, like talking to your friends, then I think it can help generate traffic to your site. Most people do not anymore find the essence of networking because they are just busy generating sites, sharing ideas and building a solid community can also enhance and boost your site in one way or the other.

Blog Catalog is a online community. Using this we can get communication between various blogger & blogs. It will more traffic. Refer, Markos Web which explains it very well.

I used Blogvcatlog according to me it’s very nice site…

Ahan its really a wonderful site,i really gets lots of info from there.

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