How get more Backlinks

Hi, are there any new strategy to build more backlinks in quick & easy ways

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“Building” back links, especially “in quick and easy ways” is a pointless exercise which is more likely to get you penalised by search engines than to have any positive effect on SEO.

The only links which are worth having are those you earn, by having high-quality, unique content to which other sites choose to link. Creating links with the intention of manipulating search ranking is a violation of the TOS of every major search engine. Don’t do it. As an SEO “technique” it is many years out of date.

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Despite what you may read elsewhere, links on this forum are nofollow, and have been since well before I joined in 2011. Link-dropping here will not provide you with any “link juice”, but may well result in your account being banned.


As I think, there is no “magic pill” to make your website grow, as well as quick and simple tips about how to get more backlinks. But I recommend you to check out the articles from Backlinko, GotchSEO, Neil Patel, etc. In a few words, you may create high-quality content (in all senses), try to get guest posts from the top websites etc.

To all posters:

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Anybody else link-dropping in this topic is likely to be banned outright, so don’t do it. Please.

If you want to get more backlinks, then these recommendations are perfect for you:

  • Make your content backlink-worthy. Think out of the box, deliver answers and make it engaging
  • Check what backlinks your competitors are doing and contact the same websites to get your links placed
  • Exchange something of value for a backlink. If you have a large following on social media, it is easy to swap a backlink on a blog for a shot out on your social media profiles.

That’s all, I hope it helps!

If you want more backlinks then do use these :

Guest Posting
Q/A link Building
Social Bookmarking
Profile links
Broken link building
Create compelling infographics
Article submission
Local Citations
social media engagement
video submissions
document sharing
blog marketing
search engine submission
Video Marketing

I’d advise against wasting your time with any of that. Reputable sites follow Google’s guidelines and mark user-submitted links as nofollow (as we do here), rendering them useless as backlinks. Link-dropping on forums or blogs is likely to get you banned for Spamming.

As it appears you didn’t take time to look at the links posted above, let me quote this section for you:

Make your content backlink-commendable. Create new ideas, convey answers and make it engaging
Check what backlinks your competitors are doing and contact similar sites to get your links set

  1. Links from Blogger Mention : Here, you’ll have to reach out to other bloggers, every time you publish a new blog which holds high value. This is bound to get you good backlinks. But, bear in mind that that you’ll most definitely have to follow the rule of reciprocity and give them back a backlink too.

  2. Broken link Backlinking : This involves building good amount of backlinks from it’s all about building backlinks from broken links or dead links from various other blogs. A little Google research will help you a lot on this topic.

  3. Image & Infographic Links : You can create a good number of backlinks by creating and sharing infographics on various sites like Pinterest, Visually etc. A little effort in this field will go a long way.

4 Testimonials : This is a very effective strategy, although its still very less used. Here, you have to begin giving testimonial to other sites/businesses. Yes, you guessed it right. Those testimonials will contain links that will link back to your site ad hence you can build good backlinks.

Hope these help!