How facebook search engine works

I though i would share some info that could help out some of the SP members to get some more free traffic to there site via facebook and google. so if you have ever used facebook you know at the top of the page you will see a search bar and if you start to type in any keyword for this example im going to use the word “bike shop” so if you type into the search bar bike shop you will see the fan page with the most “likes” this is all that matters to the facebook search engine so having tons of facebook likes will clime you to the top of the facebook search engine.

So say you own a website for selling bikes wouldn’t you want to be at the top of the facebook search engine?

All you have to do is make a facebook fan page and get tons of likes and you will start to see 100s of people per day come to your website from your facebook fan page.

One more tip is to have your facebook fan page with a username do this by going to your fan page and clicking the edit page button. Now on the left side you will see basic information click that and you will be able to give your fan page a username url so your facebook page page will look like this instead of ( facebook requires you to have min of 25 likes before you can do this )
This will improve your google search results and be easier for people to remember your fan page url

Facebook’s search engine works beyond simple likes using a relative score that factors in your own affinity / engagement with a page as well as a friend’s. That’s how Facebook is able to know that when you type in Ashley you mean Ashley who you met at your friend’s BBQ yesterday and not the most popular Ashley on the block.

The same applies to business pages where, as an example, I follow many Hilton properties – their global page which has the top “likes” does not show up in the short form results for me at all but rather pages I follow and those my network follow do.

This actually strengthens your point as you don’t have become the top listing to be found. Rather you need to build out a following within a niche such that people are seeing it spread friend to friend via the newsfeed [the powerhouse of facebook] and via placements like search which will feed off of this interaction. You’ll grow faster if a tight circle is all focused on your page than if a broad one only mentions it here and there.

i still think “likes” play a big part in the facebook search engine if you do some testing your see it for your self. but i do think your right about thats not all that goes into it…

Likes certainly play a factor but it’s a multifaceted scoring system which you can read about on a number of blogs and see for yourself either by liking a page or searching for a term that has multiple pages [i.e. a hotel chain] and looking at the result set in relation to your own preferences and those of your network.

But again, this plays to everyone’s advantage as you win by having an individual liking you rather than having to be the “top” of the entire field.

You sure know a lot Ted haha a lot of your posts have been very helpful for me and these are no different. Thanks for shining some light on how the FB engine works, it’ s stuff I didn’t know :slight_smile:

Thanks! I do digital media for a living so if you didn’t think I knew anything I’d be in trouble but the great thing about social is how much it evolves and while I may have years of experience, it’s the new thinking that really leads to great launches and results.

well facebook search engine mostly show personalized results based on your likes, friends etc so I dont think that there is any thing we have worry about ranking 1st on facebook search.

Facebook search engine mainly gives brief idea of personalized result that is based upon likes, fans, friends, etc. The Facebook fan page can easily generate 1000+ genuine traffic to your site each day.

One tip to give personalized url to facebook fan page, go to edit page and change the username by adding url of company or desired username. You can share this page url with fan page user, and also it will help in getting top result in google search engine.

I am inclined to side with Ted S. I don’t believe that the sheer amount of “likes” influence FB “rankings.” It’s just too easy to game and that would tend to show irrelevant results. I think it’s a combination of factors based on your preferences, history, and your personal social graph.

Therefore, facebook fan likes are very important to get top position on facebook search engine. Before read your thread i was unaware about facebook search results. Now i will work-hard more to get good figure of likes for my facebook fan page.

This question has been answered as best the Facebook search engine is currently understood.