How effective is Pinging?

I would like to know from the SEO experts that how effective do you consider pinging a site. Google crawls the webpages without pinging, however pinging is followed when you want your site to get indexed as soon as possible. How many of you guys Ping your sites?

This is a new one to me… Are you suggesting you ping your site yourself and somehow that would help with search?

No, i mean if we ping manually, would there be any advantages with it? Spiders do get intimated automatically when we post a new content on site/blog, but then i’m comparing the effectiveness. I hope you got my point.

Pinging will not increase your rank. Just notify the search engines to check your site for changes. If you have made SEO improvements and then ping then those adjustments will get noticed faster and possibly your rank will increase faster.

[FONT=verdana]I think the questioner is referring to a feature built into some blogging platforms where the search engines are pinged whenever the blog is updated. I’ve never seen the point of this, as the engines will find the updates on their own. But it’s generally done automatically, so I suppose there is no reason not to do it.


I think a news or updated sites must do ping for own sites even Google index everything without need but some time it would be great to have nice traffic from pinging sites. If they seen your news more informative and useful they also link your data to their pages as a bulletin news so it would be great deal

Thanks for the replies. I’ve got this concept pretty clear in my head now.

When ever I am making certain alterations on my blogs, I used to ping. I think it is a better practice.

Pining is normally used for blogs and is essentially what sites like technorati do. It’s like ringing a door bell to get Google’s attention but it doesn’t necessarily mean that google will crawl your site more quickly unless Google already believes that you have a site with high content.

As has been said its good to ping your latest articles and sites, but I also like to ping to websites when I comment on a site or submit my articles to a web 2.0 platform, I find that it helps get them noticed quicker and more efficiently. This may be rubbish and a habit I’ve got into but I ping all external links I create in towards my content or site

Ping would help google index the page or the content, but how ping?
do you guys have many many good ping sites???
if you have , thanking for your sharing with us!!!

I do ping the site to crawl it faster. However, if you have submitted your site in a higher PR it doesn’t need to be ping. I use Ping Goat website.

Actually, ping is an option provided on certain websites to let search engines know there is some change made on a particular website. When you ping your website or others using this facility there are good chances that search engines will crawl your website sooner.

But instead of all these, why not try reducing the crawling time by adding a blog or a forum which will effect in more website activity and obviously reduce the crawling time.

What is the point of using an artificial measure just to increase the crawl rate? If you are regularly adding new content to your site, then the search engines will be visiting frequently anyway. If you’re not adding new content, then you don’t need frequent visits from the search engines. In any case, the time you would need to spend monitoring and moderating a forum could probably be spent far more profitably in generating your own high-quality content for your site, rather than relying on the off-chance that somebody else will post something useful.

Pinging your blog or article or any content gives you a boost in ranking. Pinging drives more traffic which is broad base. Pinging works like a virus and it replicates iself around the World within minimum number of days and gives you result.

Pinging does NONE of that!

If your site feel problem of crawling than you used pinging test. Search Engine Spider is come fast and crawl your blog, article, websites.

This discussion is not really going anywhere, so I think it’s time to close the thread.