How edit pasted html code in Word 2010

Hi, I pasted web page (html tags) in 2010 Word and now want to change content of falling menu but can not find the way how to do it . Please help.

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We can’t help you without some more information. Can you show us your HTML somewhere. Word is not a suitable web page/HTML editor at the best of times.


You would be better of using a plain text editor, like notepad, or a dedicated code editing program for editing html. Word is not suitable for the task.


Some people would claim Word isn’t even a decent word processor


Html tag is copied in Word doc, and wanted to change its content.

You cannot edit HTML in Word. You need a plain text editor. Like @SamA74 says, Notepad will do the job, but not Word.

Is it saved as an HTML document? As @SamA74 suggested, it would be better if you just open and edit it in notepad, or another plain text editor. Word is really not suitable for the task.

Well, you can but it will break the page.

Word is OK for print documents. Party invitation, Great! Resumé, Great!
HTML - believe me and the others - stay well away from using it

Big but!

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Also, don’t export from Word using “Save as HTML” either. You’ll end up with the editing job from hell trying to clean it up. Been there, done that.

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The Word “HTML” format is for transferring Word documents from recent versions of Word to older versions of Word while maintaining as much of the formatting as possible. It is not intended for use with programs other than Word.

There used to be a plugin for Word that would extract the text out of the Word document along with the basic HTML tags (headings, paragraphs, lists etc) that was somewhat easier to modify into a proper HTML document but you did have to redo all of the page layout and other styling of the content.

I doubt many users would know that though. For the most part companies assume their employees already know how to use Word and offer little if any training.

I didn’t know that. I assumed it was just a lazy way of making html for people that don’t know any better.

There was an app for that. FrontPage

It may have worked OK for the versions of IE that existed at the time. But don’t look at the generated mark-up before you sit down.


Microsoft abandoned that when IE6 ceased to have 99% of the browser market. They decided it was too hard to fix it so the pages would work in other browsers.

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