How does the Unit Test log/report work?

I’m new at unit test so please be patient. I’m following this good Unit Testing Models | free Zend Framework screencasts - Zendcasts tutorial.

Using this configuration file

<phpunit bootstrap="./application/bootstrap.php"  colors="true">         
	<testsuite name="MyApp">
            <directory suffix=".php">../application/</directory>
                <directory suffix=".phtml">../application/</directory>

        <log type="coverage-html" target="./log/report" charset="UTF-8"
            yui="true" highlight="true" lowUpperBound="50" highLowerBound="80"/>
        <log type="testdox-html" target="./log/testdox.html" />

I realized that the testdox.html is auto generated but in the tutorial code there is also a lot of files in log/report (not auto generated) so I’m wondering how that stuff works and how to set it up and above all where it comes from :slight_smile: ?

Bye and thanks in advance.