How does one instantly display a form element based on prior form selection made?


How does one cause a form element to appear ONLY if a certain form selection is made before it?

That is for example say there is a form element of type Radio called “format”
so only if they select format value = normal then the form input fields called URL and Name are to appear as the next choices otherwise form input field Group and checklist Places are to appear as the next choices.


You attach an onclick handler to the radio button, and use that to change the style of the elements you want to show/hide from display:none to display:block or display:inline.

I wouldn’t explicitly set the display to block or inline. Instead I would set the display to an empty string, so that the existing default display type is used for it instead.

Hi Dan,

Can you give kindly give me an example?
A simple example would do. But an actual example.