How does my website look?

Dear Sitepoint members,

I have recently launched a website

It is a portal for buying and selling second hand goods, like

I need your valuable inputs on the user interface, usability, mobile responsiveness and other aspects of the website.

Thank you!

Just one note on responsiveness. On the landing page there is a horizontal scroller. This is caused by the footer, it has 100% width and 15% padding-left, making it 115% wide in total, creating the scroller.
Either remove the padding-left, or set box-sizing:border-box; to fix it.

The heading should immediately convey “you can search for an item” because that is what this site will give its customers… The “sell” part can be tucked away in a subheading or menu.
Remove the word exclusive, its interfering with what this site conveys

Thank you Sam, good point. I’ll update the site shortly with the change.

Hi, @companyblogsite, I’ll rearrange the landing page components. Exclusivity is a key selling point of this website (its open only to IT professionals) and hence the emphasis on the landing page.
Thank you for the comments…

Try these two free validation tools:

Html Validator

Cssl Validator

Try moving all JavaScript files to just before </body>
and combine your Css files into a single file as recommended here:

Pingdom Speed Test

@John, Thanks, will try these out…

Website Design is good. First complete the website. I suggest some things to make better.

1> Make country wide classified site.
2> Put latest or recent post portion on home page the website.
3> Missing ADD POST od SUBMIT POST button on home page.

I would suggest that your <title> tag should say more than just Home - the name cbuddy probably as well as something to tell people what the site does.

@gandalf, you are right, I’ll relook at title of the webpages.

@boostbrand, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll incorporate the same.

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