How does localhost get its ID number in

How does localhost get its ID number in

I have a question about ASP.NET and running test web sites locally.
I have written two web sites for testing purposes. One works and the other one fails. The one that fails does not give any useful diagnostic information.

Can you tell me how these id’s are generated that are alongside the localhost: url?

Are you sure those are IDs and not port numbers?

They are port numbers, and they are randomly generated. In any case, install and use IIS express – the built-in web server is a holdover from a bygone era.

I need to look it up, but I think if you right click on the web project, go to the Web section, you might be able to set the port number (in case you need a specific port number).

You can also tell it to use IIS instead of the Cassini web server

Yup, that would be the proper place to tweak that.

Yes, you can. But you must be running VS as an administrator in order for it to be able to edit the IIS metabase

Not with IIS express . . .