How does google handle duplicate titles

If you have two pages with the exact same title but with different content, what does google do? Choose which is highest quality and then throw the other into supplemental index? Or rank both but one much higher?

Google doesn’t just index pages on the basis of the title. It looks at the content, too. If the content on a page is unique, certainly Google will index it; and if someone searches for something that’s on that page, Google will include that page in the search results. It’s position will be based on Google’s assessment of how relevant it is to the search, as well as all the other factors that determine the order of results.

Many pages served up by Google have the same title, but different content.

As Ralph has said, it won’t stop both pages from appearing in the results for relevant queries – but it might lower their ranking, if Google is less sure what each page is about. The question to ask is … if the two pages have different content, why can’t you give them different titles?

Google will still show both page with duplicate title, however, their ranking might be decreased because duplicated title might be confusing and thus not friendly for search users. It is recommended that you should resolve the duplicated title by simply adding something to differentiate them. For example, adding “page-01”, “page-02” might help.

Google does not like pages by just adding a number and not even a date time added. The way I got round my “duplicate pages” Google message was to add the title of the first thumbnail.

I am curious to know of any other solutions.