How does Google Analytics work?

I have been using google analytics and other such analytics like Histats etc and I want to know how does it work
Like how does it decide that the get or post content received is not a bot or some kind of post-get attack.
Actually I’m making some survey form and would like to keep it open for submission from anybody using ajax , like a feedback or poll - ( no registration coz ppl don’t bother to register and using twitter or facebook signin feature will not help either)
but in-case some bot attacks then my server will not be able to handle the multiple get request -
CAn anyone share the right piece of information for a beginner like me?

Few bots can run JavaScript and so for most bots the Google Analytics code in the page never runs for bots in the first place.

Thanks I didnt know that !
But what if someone intensionally starts to send huge data in a few second itself, with variable IP , I mean I’m nt a hacker but they can do so to bring down the server which easily accepts your get post request–
Solutions I found interesting are-

  • generating random ID and hidden field to the post forms that would reduce some problem
    -second would be like creating random post link and then not to load form (by ajax) for those who have already voted (user IPs already voted)
    I hope this would be fine, whats you opinion?