How Does "Elf Yourself" Work?

I’d like to put together something like for my work but don’t know where to start.

I’m fairly competent with the basics of Flash, but not where uploading of images into the animation.

Anyone know of any good tutorials for this? I’m not even really sure what this style of application would be called!


You’ll need a good command of actionscript plus also a server side language e.g php to handle the uploaded file. In an application of this sort you need to process the multitude of possible types of images likely to be submitted by the general public and turn them into something useable in the flash side of things. You’d most likely need to store the results in a database so some sql knowledge would be useful.

It’s important that you understand the security implications of allowing user uploads to your server - many flash/php tutorials I’ve seen on the web that show how to upload files totally skip any sort of file checking and leave any hapless copy and paster open to having their site hacked.

I did domething of a similar nature here (a bottled beer designer), as an example this has about 1000 lines of actionscript and 500 php so these sort of applications can be fairly involved to create.

is there any way i can save the flash file in elfyourself?

it’ll be in your temp files, but you’ll have to decode it to get the fla.

as EastCoast said, they can be complex, but you can make a simpler version to start off with.

basically, you need to learn how to interface php with flash. the actual face is just an image (uploaded by the user) and placed inside a movieclip, to which all the animation code is placed.

The elves are done with compressed video in flash?

there’s a software called flash saver.