How do you work with bootstrap

i would like to know what parts of bootstrap do you use ?
normally we use bootstrap for responsive.
There are some stances when same content cannot be adjusted on mobile and desktop,
so if you want to show some content different on mobile and different on desktop , then do you edit bootstrap core css files or do you create your own media queries ?

No you never edit the core bootstrap files. (unless you are expert at cSS and bootstrap)

All your personal changes should be by means of overrides using new classes of your own invention.

Never mess with the default padding or margins on rows, containers or columns as that will break the whole grid unless you are an expert.

Use new containers of your own making (and unique classnames) when you want custom sections so that you don’t have bootstrap interfering. Then create the styling and media queries that your new section requires.

Bootstrap isn’t really useful if you are going to keep changing it and you are better off without it altogether. Chances are that what you wanted was probably already built in to the bootstrap framework anyway.

You need to have a good grasp of CSS to bend bootstrap to your will and if that was the case you wouldn’t need bootstrap anyway as you could code from scratch.:slight_smile:


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