How do you upload nov2ninja to webspace


Hello, I did the book PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja. I created another site using basically the same backend. It is different I modified it so it is just a CMS for 1 user. My question is how do you upload this to a server and get it to work?

The file structure is:

How do you upload this so that users only see public and can't get into my includes or classes?


you set the destination of your domain to the public folder.


Hi masnhale,

It depends on what kind of web space you have. If it's a VPS you will have a public directory (or public_html or htdocs or httpdocs depending on the server software and configuration). You can upload the website to the directory that contains the public directory and move the files from public into the corresponding file on the server.

If you're on shared hosting, most of the time you have SFTP or FTP access to a folder that contains the public directory. You can upload your files here.

If the hosting only lets you upload into the public directory, you will need to keep everything (all classes, templates, etc) there. However, this configuration is very rare.


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