How do you tweets in Twitter List page

I create a Twitter List page use title and description, but how can I tweets in the List page.

what is list page?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean but if you want to tweet about your list, each public one has it’s own url.

For example if you go to!/teds027/lists you’ll see the couple lists I’ve made [not much from that account] and each can be accessed directly.

@mobilegames - A list is twitter’s option to group together accounts that you want to easily access or be able to share with others. You can make public and private lists and they’re ideal for following parts of a niche like being able to one click over to all the tweets from Site Point members.

Exactly twitter list, I want tweets in that List, you subscribe some members, but i want tweets in that list … I hope you get it.

List page means- followers, follows, favorites and more list, if you create list, i want to tweets in that particular page…got it.

Click on the list in your profile or in an application like Tweetdeck add a column based on it and you’ll see the tweets by the accounts you’ve added too it.

twitter not allowed posting in twitter list but you follow your twitter list and follow your id ind your twitter list after you post in your twitter id your tweet also show in your twitter list…