How do you track support time for your clients?

I have to support my clients on for the websites that I built for them. I have my clients purchase block of support hour like: 5-hours, 10-hours, 15-hours. When my client used up all the purchased hours, my client can purchase another block of hours again.

The problem I have is tracking the time I support them. Is there a system that you are using to keep track of this? Let say for the 5-hour client, I support them 1 hour so they will have 4 hours left.

is there anything like this out there?

Thanks for you inputs

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Hi there @chichai. To track my time during the day I use one or more of these timers, stopping and starting them throughout the day as I work on different clients’ work. At the end of the day I put the time in my accounting system - although a spreadsheet would do the job.

I hope this helps.


I also use a timer when I am doing support or maintenance and billing by the hour. But I made my own php timer because it was more fun and I can customize it with features that I would like to use which maybe a commercial timer doesn’t have.

I’m not really busy enough to have to be efficient with my business practices.

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There are plenty of time trackers, but it’s hard finding one that supports billing out of a ‘bank of hours’ like you describe. Once I ended up writing a script that would work with my time tracker API to do this because I couldn’t find a better tool. :\

Eventually, I started using Freshbooks’s estimate features, which allows you to set a cap on hours for a project. Then, whenever a new block is purchased, I add those hours to the project. Makes it easy to see how much time is remaining for each client.


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