How do you store your images?

I have an off-line backup if anything happens to my main drive. I typically don’t backup as often as I should, but having a spare drive to store your backup or multiple drives for your backups is a great way to keep your information safe.

I’m a subscriber of this certain online photo storage so i can access my photos anytime without bringing Cds and Hd when traveling.

I use google Picassa for my images.

I always widel down the photos i keep to my best… so i keep em on my externals since its not a HUGE folder.

I store it on computer, don’t like CD or DVD

I don’t like storing them in CD/DVD.

I would rather prefer my portable HDD :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]I used to burn them off onto DVD’s but that became too time consuming (my computer takes two hours to burn a single DVD, and many times there’d be errors on the disc after). Also, when looking-up old photographs, going through a million DVD’s is a hassle.

SO I actually bought a 500 gig external hard-drive specifically for my digital photographs.

I shoot in RAW + JPEG… the jpg’s so I can preview the photographs on the computer, the raw to be used for actual printing and editing.

I found Photoshop’s Camera RAW sliders offer way better results (in terms of quality) than its internal image adjustments. Best example is the Hue Saturation slider which makes images grainy if pushed too far, but Camera RAW handles it just fine.


[FONT=“Georgia”]Also, before I used to keep EVERYTHING from a shoot.

These days I delete almost all and keep only the good shots. Takes up way too much space to keep all; not practical at all.


I use a 500gb IOMEGA… you can go to cool sites like slickdeals and see researched specials on HDD or other software. Online sites are cool but wouldn’t you rather have the HDD in your own home? I would.

I have a seperate disk to store my photo’s in case my com dies out. Ofcourse i also make a back regulary to ensure my photo’s are not gone when one hdd crashes.

First i stored on hard disk. Later if it is important for safe i store them again on dvd.

I store most of our work on Amazon S3

I like to store my pictures using the card punch method but it’s not environmentally friendly… (sorry I had to do that joke)

I want to create an internal server that manages all my photos just by plugging/mounting/and initializing an external hard drive… I think that the external hard drive will have to be the option of choice.

It’s a little scary since, if your hard drive is optical then it can get damaged. And even if it is solid state then you still risk writing to the drive…

Just crossing my fingers that nobody ever launches an EMP bomb to wipe out all data.

I know this thread is a bit old but…

If you’re looking for an external drive I’ve had great luck with Drobo. It creates RAID arrays for me with absolutely no configuration on my part and is pretty economical when it comes to the price. Aside from a fire, flood or theft, I feel pretty safe storing my data there.

I would upload them to, which is a big website for image sharing and storing.

I also use google Picasa for storing my pics and also use a HD for instant access to my pics, because sometimes Picasa google can be slow to show the pictures that are heavy.