How do you share your config files between projects?

This seems like one of those things that everyone does uniquely. So, I’m kinda wondering what everyone does.

How do you and your team share you project settings? Your files like .eslintrc, .babelrc, .npmrc, .stylintrc, etc.

Do you pull them in manually? Do you create submodules? How do you do it?

Pinging a few people who I think will have some input: @cpradio @fretburner @jeffreylees @swader @PaulOB @James_Hibbard @Paul_Wilkins @sg707 @markbrown4
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Things like eslint / editorconfig are checked in to the main repo.

environment variables are the only other thing that each person can configure manually.

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This is what my work does. Wwe have a site-vars file, and it pulls into our gulp file.

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But what about between projects? That’s the part I’m interested in and trying to figure out. How do you share them between Project A and Project B? Do you manually copy them in or are they in some external repo?

Manual copies for us, different config for different projects. Submodules would work if you want to use the same everywhere.

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Manual copies here as well (although it’s normally just me working on stuff).

Of the ones you list I use .eslintrc (well, .jshintrc, but the point’s the same), .babelrc & .npmrc — the first two I just generate on a per project basis and the third lives in my home dir.

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We have to go to our staff portal website to even look up the configs (server ID, client name, etc) so we just type it into our variable in our site-vars file. Each clone of our repo starts out empty.

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Multiple copies per project. In a way, it rarely changes once the team agrees with the style.

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Manual here too.

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Thanks for your answers. I’m really surprised everyone does this manually!

I guess it wouldn’t be a huge deal to build the files manually, but it seems like a big hassle if you ever want to make small universal changes that don’t require code changes.

Does anyone know of any articles or repos that go over this? The only one I know of that’s similar, is the AirBnB coding standards repo… but that is massively more complex than what I’m after and not a great example. I’ve run into random libraries that had a less complex setup before, but I can’t remember what they were.

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