How Do You Setup YouTube to Automatically Post Video and Create Blog Post?

I noticed today from within my youtube account, when I go through their tool to “Add Blog” (meaning, it looks like I can connect my youtube account to many blogs if i want to), the screen prompts me to add:

  1. blog service (which i chose self-hosted wordpress)
  2. my blog’s username and password so youtube can login to it and post whatever video I add to youtube (at least that’s what I think should happen)
  3. an api URL that youtube provides
  4. and my api key that I started a account to get

Then it saved my settings as one of the blogs in my network.

So, when I added a video to youtube, I thought it would just automatically appear as a blog post…or at least give me some kind of prompt after uploading the video saying something like, “Would you like to use this video in a blog post on xyz blog?”

If you’ve used this function successfully, please let me know what I’m missing since I added a video to youtube and nothing happened.

Thanks in advance.

It might be easier to just embed the video in a post…

ha, dunno about that. When google makes a tool they do it for good reason. I can just imagine being on a ski run someplace and pulling out my blackberry on the lift, recording a video and uploading it to youtube and having it post to my blog by the time I get back in the office. Talk about automation!! It’s a great dream but google has some work to do apparently to link the two together inside youtube.

If anyone figures this out, please let me know…even if it’s like a year later and you come upon this post. No one in my network seems to know what the heck I’m talking about so I don’t suspect this is an overnight fix.

I did not get your problem.why you want to your video to automatically embed in post.instead of that better solution can be to submit it to youtube, and get the embedding code from that.then insert it in your post wherever simple!


I don’t know but this sounds like a sharing tool of youtube that usually post on my facebook and twitter account whenever i post a video on it. You should google it, i hope you’ll get the solution.