How Do You Set A Bookmark on the Document your reading?

This may sound like a silly question, but I cannot figure out what you need to do to set or apply a bookmark. To a page or portions of an article. Clicking the hamburger menu in the upper left corner opens the jacket. It shows 1- Content, 2 - Files and 3 - Bookmarks.
But how do I apply a bookmark to an area I am reading so it winds up in here? This is a trick question…

You simply place your cursor in front of the Header, Title or paragraph containing the info you want bookmarked. Then left click to open the dropdown that has the bookmark tag, a Share link option. Or lastly a Ask Question dialog dropdown. Also click and drag over the content as if to copy and paste will offer the same 3 options.

I was going crazy for about 10 minutes trying to figure it out and hope this saves someone some frustrations!!
In filling out the Ask Question dialog the last step is clicking Post. It then sends your question to this community form page and includes a link to the content you are wondering about.

The future is bright !!

Peace …

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