How do you remove the indent from unordered list

How do you remove the indent from unordered list?

heres my html -

<div id=“list”>

my css-

#list {
font-family:“Myriad Pro”, sans-serif;
size: 14px ;
color: #222 ;
padding: o ;
margin: 0 ;

#list ul li {
padding-left: opx ;
margin-left: 0px ;
text-indent: opx ;

Thanks for any help!

You have margin:0 and padding:0 on #list.
Just hook that ID to your UL and it will zero out the indent.

There is no need for the extra wrapping div around the UL.

<ul id=“list”>

thanks! that worked

You also could have left the ID where it was, and changed the CSS to read:

#list ul {

Though I agree with Rayzur’s assessment of the DIV. You’ve got a perfectly good block level container in the form of the UL, so the DIV probably isn’t doing anything you need done.

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