How do you monitor your own domain expiry?

Hi there,

I’m currently managing several domains and find it a pain to keep track of those expiry dates and make sure they get renewed. What I do now is to manually add those domains to a to-do manager with a reminder and check it say a month before expiry to remind myself (I do have auto-renew for some domains but not all).

If you have a better way to manage it, I’d be happy to hear about it. Thinking of solving my own problem by setting up a website to do it (if there is no better way). So here’s a question: would you use such a web application where you just enter the domain names that you manage, and it will pull out the expiry automatically, adds a reminder say 2 months before expiry and keep reminding you till the whois record shows that it has been renewed?

This way I can be sure I won’t miss any of those expiry dates. It is something I myself will use but would like to hear what you guys think? I found some online tools that does this but it doesn’t seemed reliable or intuitive enough (e.g. advertisements all over). PM me if any of you are interested and I can send you an invite once the site is up.

Appreciate any inputs!


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Most of my domains are on auto renewal, and also my registrar send me notifications of renewals via email. Domains that are not set to auto renew they send me regular reminders before the expiry date.

Try searching for “schedule email reminders”.
Just to be on the safe side you could bcc to more than a single email service.

Same here.

But I also have a desktop reminder app (TkRemind on Linux) that I use to set reminders for myself when necessary. Works a treat. :slight_smile:

Big-name registrars do send email reminders before a domain is set to expire. Typically, they give 30 days notice.

We send renewal notifications before 30 days. It allows the domain owner to renew the domain before expiry date. Automation is very important because very soon it will become a headache if the number of domains gets into three and four digit figure.

I think the best way to go about it is to put it on auto-renewal. I think almost all web hosting companies inform you about three months to the expiry of your domain name. Thereafter they will keep sending you messages to alert you about the impending expiration of your domain name.