How do you match this in an html code

Hi all, I’ve got to do a colour background to exactly match PMS286 (I assume that’s a Pantone?). Anyone know a reliable color chart that can give me exact color matches in html for Pantone colors please?

How about ?

Thanks, but that doesn’t give an accurate html equivalent.

Here is what I use.

Thanks Eric - I do already have colorzilla installed, but how can that give the exact equivalent to certain pantone colors please?

Hello, hmm, on the right side here under “Color” are all the color tools I could find back in the day. Maybe they can help.

Couldn’t find any on there either?

Well I don’t get it? You have the html color already or you have the image already?

Neither. As mentioned, I have the Pantone color number, and need to find the exact match in html / hex code (or even rgb would be ok).

I’m obviously confused then. What’s the number you already have then? It’s that the hex match?

Did you see the first post here :wink:

…aaaaand I’m done. Of course I did. I obviously needed more to go on. But if your going to get snippy.

Nope, not snippy, I just mentioned that the info was already given in the original post. But no worries, either way is ok.

How are you so sure that the website I gave you does not give the color accurately enough?

Not that I’m sure that it is correct. I’m just wondering …

I looked at the page you posted and I couldn’t see it there.

Huh? It shows 286 clearly on the page, and if you use firebug on the blueish block next to it you will see it has a bgcolor of #0038a8

Aaah, I see now, no worries - much appreciated - thanks :slight_smile:

I use to check the exact color matches.