How do you manage your free time?


Hey guys! I’m a full-time developer. I make iOS games. Moreover, I have some other hiobbies and it pretty hard for me to manage my free time. I decided to check some time planners and I found an awesome variant. What are your thoughts?


You have some other hobbies and you find it hard to manage your free time. Don’t you enjoy your hobbies on your free time? This is not really clear.

You read an article online, then instead of using your free time to figure out how to use the information, you jumped on the internet. Is screen time the reason you are having a hard time with free time? If so, suggest deliberately setting no-screen hours. (In my home, no screen time – smartphones, computer, TV – are allowed during even-numbered hours from 9am-6pm.)


<sarcasm>What’s “free time”?</sarcasm>

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