How do you make a transactional website SEO friendly?

I have a number of websites, that are purely transactional. Users come to the site, hopefully buy and then leave. Its a finance website (non authoratitive) - and does what it says on the tin, but increasingly I’m being told content, content, content!

What do you do when your site doesn’t suit fresh and frequent content?

Add a blog or a forum

[font=calibri]And what good will that do? A blog or forum won’t do anything for the SEO of the main site.

And if it’s a site that doesn’t suit fresh and frequent content, then it’s an even more unhelpful suggestion – a blog or forum is only as good as its subject matter and if you’re having to force the issue to try to generate topics and discussions then it is not going to work, it creates a massive load of work and effort for little or no return.

In fact, what you should have said is “Practically anything except add or a blog or a forum”.[/font]

Well I disagree. He wants fresh content. That’s how you get it. Write about it in a blog - attached to the site - so yes it would seo the site. What you think if its in a folder off the root there is no seo? And set up a forum if you so wish. Regardless if you want fresh content your going to have to write it in some way or another.

No, he didn’t say he wants fresh content – he said “What do you do when your site doesn’t suit fresh and frequent content?”. In other words, how you can improve the rankings of a site with static content where there isn’t going to be enough material to keep going with updates and blog posts.

Hi Guys,

The problem I have is that if I look at it from a customer’s perspective, as Google says you should, the site would be non-competetive as far as SEO rankings since it’s not littered with unecessary ******** and keyword stuffing.

However, if I was to adopt this approach, Google would struggle to position the site in its rightful place in SERPS.

Adding a blog is a wasteful use of resource as far as I’m concerned as it add absolutely no value to the customer experience - just a shame that Google sees their algorithm as a ‘one size fits all’.

I understand. But if you have little content then your site is the equivalent of a flash based site. Hence google can’t read anything. And if it can’t read it it can’t place it. Backlinks and all that jazz are being fazed out hard in place of fresh and unique content. So I’m afraid there really is no other answer. As far as I know atleast. That is aside from doing all the normal social blah-blah. You could make other sites that are related and point to it but again frowned upon heavily.

How about testimonials and customer feedback? That adds content, and adds genuine value to your audience as well.

Not a bad idea - currently quite a new site so a bit sparse but already signed up with one of the major review sites. Expect 10’s rather than 100’s or 1000’s though.

FAQs page too. Sitemap html and XML.

You can also add latest financial news section on your website as well as tip of the day box on the website’s home page which also give your websie fresh and unique content and also will help to engage users/visitors on your website.

Yes … but … only set up features like that if you think you will have enough content and enthusiasm to keep it going. Don’t promise a tip of the day if you can only deliver a daily tip for the first week and then drop down to one a month.

Yes, that is true but if want unique and fresh content in easy way then it is one of the good option which would have to manage on regular basis.