How do you know where your visitors are coming for?

Isnt their a site that allows you to add something to your blog, so you can know where your vistors are coming from???

I have my signature where I post on several messages boards, i would like to know if people are actually clicking on my signature.

Google analytics.
Adfly link in signature.

Thankd for the info.

Yes Google Analytics have this feature to knew where the traffic comes for a site. It is a very Great free tool provided by Google. You, can analyze now that the traffic came for your site by this thread.

In addition to the ones mentioned above I use It has a pretty detailed log of the number of visits and where they are coming from.

I of course don’t know what servers side scriping language you are usin on your blog but a cgi variable would do the trick without relying on other websites/services

if you want to know where your visitors or the backlinks are coming from then the best thing is the google webmaster tool you can see each and every visitors where they are coming from

I think for visitor tracking, google analytics is a best free resource one should consider…Another like clicktracks also better for web sites visitors tracking.

I second, third and so on the people who say Analytics. I have implemented it in my sites and it helps keeping track of my visits. Not to mention that, when I try to sell a site or just advertising, any potential client wants to see my analytics stats. It’s some sort of a “norm” now, so I recommend it too. Not to mention it’s easy to use and FREE.

You can use google analytics or some other tracking sites, like extreme tracking

you can also try compete.

Yes, you can easily check via Google Analytics and Google webmaster. You can track visitors, where they come from as well as traffic rates and bounce rates etc.

I think the best way to now visitor tracking via Analytics and Google webmaster tool