How do you know when you are ready to move to VPS?

Besides knowing your hosting cannot cope with the website traffic. What other points that makes you want to switch to VPS?

Since hosting is mostly managed and a lot of things is just plug and use. However VPS is a different platform and requires a much more extensive knowledge and building your website.

How do you know when you are ready?

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If you get a managed VPS you will get a lot of the work done for you and help if you need any. Although I suppose this depends on the company.

How would the website be different? I just copied the website of a shared host and pasted it into the VPS and it worked.

We changed from hosting to VPS as we had multiple sites and it was cheaper.

Personally I would stay away from Windows hosting.


Yea, Windows hosting tends to give problems in the long run. Plus they are more expensive compared to Linux due to their licenses

Yea, Windows hosting tends to give problems in the long run. Plus they are more expensive compared to Linux due to their licenses

Using Windows server or Apache depends on what programming language you’re using. You’re right that they are more expensive.

I have been working with Windows Server since 1999, either shared, VPS or dedicated server and didn’t have a lot of issue. The only serious one was a dead hard drive, about 6 years ago, but I guess it didn’t have much to do with the OS.

How do you know when you are ready?

I decided to move from my various shared hostings when my bills started to get too high and felt that I needed more control on the backup processes. It was back in 2013.

Actually I needed 2 servers: one for the websites and one for the databases. They behaved rather well but the company where they were located had some issues: got bought by another company, the support went down and prices sharply. Last year I decided changing provider and it went pretty well considering I had to switch 80+ domains with the help of my new provider’s support. This year I completed the move by moving the database server (30+ databases) this was done pretty fast.

I used to struggle with Windows and tried Linux quite a few years ago. The move was not straightforward but well worth the effort because switching from a Shared Hosting to VPS was a lot easier.

I now Linux Ubuntu locally with a mirror image of about a dozen online sites that cost $5.00 per month.

I would suggest installing installing Linux locally, dual booting and discover the differences between your current operating system. Once familiar choose a popular VPS and you could be up and running within five minutes.

  1. Cheaper. Faster. Less DDOS-attacks.
  2. Yes. But just play with it and you will know when you are ready.

This “just for fun website” was using a $5 VPS (UpCloud). It was a challenge, yes. But I think it is worth it.

As someone else already said, if you pick managed services for your virtual server you will get a lot of managing and updating done for you, so the change should not be that big of a deal. As for being ready, when your website needs a hosting upgrade, then you are ready :slight_smile: