How do you get your videos indexed in Google videos?

Hey everyone,

I am just wondering how do you get your videos indexed into the Google video search results. E.g. Similar to the way BBC and other websites have done it here:

The only requirement is that when the videos appear on the google video search results they are redirected to the website where it appears on and Google doesn’t embed it in their own page.

I have created a video sitemap a few months ago but none have been indexed by google (even when you do a video search on

Any ideas?


Getting videos indexed in Google is a bit of a fine art but it can be done consistently if you follow the right steps. There are some really good examples out there of how to do this well and you can get excellent results in a very short period of time

“Traditional” SEO practice still applies but the Video search space is less crowded and so you have a better chance of hitting page 1 - but this I am sure will change in the near future.

Check this link it might help you

check out this site and follow their advice:

in particular of how to create a video sitemap and to submit it through the webmaster tools account.