How do you Generate Website Business?


My client runs a closet/storage business. His website appears on the first page of google for required keywords and page hits have been up the past month.

However, there have only been a couple of inquiries through the site - this despite a good number of page visits.

Any suggestions on how to generate business through the site? My client is convinced it’s simply the recession and people not spending. Yet to me people would not visit the site unless they planning on spending on closet storage solutions.

I have suggested using Groupon and Facebook advertising but client does not think these will make much difference.

Any ideas much appreciated! How do your clients generate business?


It may be worth posting his site url on the ‘site reviews’ forum to see if people feel there are design issues that may be hindering sales

There’s an infinite number of reasons why people may not be buying and frankly there’s nothing more important than answering this question, yet it’s the hardest to answer.

Doing more SEO or Advertising won’t changes things… if reasonably qualified visitors are bailing the issue is deeper.

Unfortunately it’s the hardest question to answer. I try to break it down into a few areas and map them out before doing any work:

the market - who is the customer, what are they buying, what are the other options

the message - what are you offering, what makes it stand out

the delivery - how do you spread the message, to whom

Think both broad and narrow. Sometimes issues are as simple as a headline, other times you realize you have an audience but it’s a bunch of people in CA while you are in NY, and every now and then it’s just a fundamental shift like your pricing structure.

Your client has tasked you with driving business under the guise of web marketing but it’s not about the web, it’s about discovering what will motivate people to pick his or her business over another option or even no option.

I have suggested using Groupon or Facebook advertising

Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re throwing mud at a wall and hoping it sticks. That’s a very painful way to find success.

Take groupon, a service that is about getting new customers in at insane deals to sell to them over time. Unless I’m missing something, your client’s business is really about a one time or at least once in a reasonable time period sale… The two do not work together.

Facebook works very differently as a display media source but if you can’t find success in an intent driven user, how does paying for one in an interest driven market change the equation?

check the keywords on google adword tool. You will get how many people search for the keyword on a month.

The first question I would ask is what is the competition and what are they doing? Most people who look online are likely to visit different sites before making an enquiry, and perhaps someone else is providing better terms for the same (or similar) service, or a better quality of service, or at least are giving the impression through their site that they do.

I started with affiliate, actually it not a business for me though - just a way of earning; but it has given me some ideas and also here in the forums I am trying to collect some good knowledge.

Web business is according to traffic, for a medium compitative keyword if get first 3 position, will get good traffic. With high traffic, Google adwords will work and generate income, but affiliate is based on the site nature…if get more detail about the site can discuss more … any how if go for commission junction can get affi for all thypes of sites