How Do You Find Hard To Find Movie & Game Trailers That Ever One Wants But Can't Get

I’m trying to find the most sought after & hard to find keywords for movies, TV shows & game trailers
everyone’s searching for & people are having a hard time finding online to market some CPA offers for
them with a gateway.

I’ve been to amazons Bestsellers in Movies & TV & the #1 spot now
for movies is “Lost The Complete Fifth Season”

When I go to seo tools to search for the keywords it was only searched for
7 times a day how can that be if it’s on amazons best sellers list.

The best keyword tool, in my opinion, is still Google’s own:

The full title “Lost The Complete Fifth Season” may only have been searched 7 times, although that still seems extremely low. Google tells me that monthly search volume on that phrase is 590. I suspect that most people are searching for a shortened version of that such as “Lost Season 5” or “Lost Fifth Season.” There are tons of ways to reword that search phrase.

That most likely whats happening thanks.

Absolutely, who would use the words ‘the complete’ in a search for Lost? I’d try ‘lost season 5’ or ‘lost dvds’ etc etc

highbids, go to the link hyperbolik gave you and get some related keyword phrases.