How do you design a eCommerce store

how do you design a eCommerce store

I was trying to make my site like a store but using affiliate marketing links from
My page is about inexpensive domain registration, domain names, and registering website.

I need examples of how to design my website.

Most E-Commerce sites are using a premade “CMS” that specializes in e-Commerce. They are most likely using a template that was premade but edited to their liking. I think the best route for you would be to do just this. Install a CMS e-Commerce script and edit a premade template to your liking.

yes, if you have no experience in making e-commerce sites, the best way would be to use a e-commerce template with some e-ecommerce plugins. For example you could use wordpress with woocommerce, or some other combination.

wordpress is great for developing the ecommerce web site development. You should use ecommerce template with some ecommerce plugins this would be nice experience for you to design the site.

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Another way is the installation of Joomla CMS with virtuemart component.

VirtueMart is not so good anymore, it’s not even compatibility with Joomla 3.0, try some other component like is HikaShop.

Woocommerce for WordPress is a great and easy plugin for making a webshop and it’s free :slight_smile:

I designed a website for my friend few day ago. I bought word-press theme for eCommerce website because there many plugin available. You should try and you can check eCommerce theme. <snip>

Better to use a ready made platform if you new to coding. So Try one of the following ;

  1. Woocommerce with wordpress
  2. Opencart
  3. OsCommerce

If you are good with coding… Then you can get hold of a front end design and code accordingly with plugins…

Just as a left-field suggestion (though it may not apply to affiliate links so much), how about using Facebook as your ecommerce store? It’s easier than having to setup/customise a CMS and depending on your target audience, it obviously is more geared to attracting ‘social’ traffic.

When coupled with something like:

The cart/payment aspects work pretty much like an ecommerce store.

HTH - just another idea.

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