How do you create CMS?

Do you create CMS using Framework like CodeIgniter or without it?

Yes :slight_smile:

Are you talking about personally or in general?
I am thinking about working on my own CMS, I may try to jump in to a Framework, I have been thinking about CakePHP.

good hosting comes with free cms installations most of the times. its easy and flexible…

I am thinking using CodeIgniter to create CMS but how can you separate the code for front-end (public) and back-end (admin) using CodeIgniter?

for example, backend may look like this:

and the front end could look like this:

how can that be done using CodeIgniter?

Use ‘dxauth’ plugin for codeigniter. User registration/management etc works are already doone by that. SO, now justcreate 2 controllers(and views) for each page(1 for front, 1 for backend). Organize your views with same idea.


I use the MY_controller to create 2 base controllers a public and an admin, both in the same file, they are loaded at the start and contain all base methods and properties I need for each section of the site.

I also make a second boot strap file and call it admin.php (just copy of the normal bootstrap file) just makes more sense for a person to use, (a subdomain is better but on a shared host its a pain to setup).

I’m confident that good CMS must rely on the excellent framework. This will ease the development both for you and your CMS users.
However, I don’t thing that CI is the best choice for this. Do some research here. When I was doing one, I ignored all frameworks, that supported PHP4 because that means they don’t have as good design as they may have. Simply because they can’t benefit from new OOP changes in PHP5. In my blog post I explain how I was choosing the framework and why I finally chose [URL=“”]Yii.