How do you create a border in Photoshop?

I’m doing a mockup right now and I’m just trying to create a simple black border around the body to separate it from the background. How do I do this in photoshop? thanks.

It must be a long day for me cuz i know this is really simple but i can’t seem to remember the method.:rolleyes:

Layer Style -> Stroke is probably what you are thinking of.

No- that’s not it. I want to do a border around the page itself and not any particular layer.

Well, by page you mean “canvas” right? and if you want a border around the entire canvas

  1. Create a New layer (move it to the topmost)
  2. Ctrl+A
  3. Edit Stroke (choose your color and stroke width)

If it’s not that either then you’ll have to be a little more clearer.

just as conradical said!

ah, i figured it out. thanks for the reminder about the stroke.